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Adorable Gingerbread Reindeer floating through the clouds on a blue background, surrounded by sparkles.

❄ Winter Event: Week 4 & 5 release notes, wallpapers, coloring pages! ❄

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Thu, Dec 22, 2022

HAPPY UPDATE DAY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, FRIENDS! 🎄 This is our last blog post and release notes for the year, so we’re signing off with a big one! Find out about the last updates of 2022, new pets, and what’s ahead. 😍

Our website just had a big refresh! Check out the new Game Page above to learn all about the pets and items in Adopt Me, or download Wallpapers and Coloring Pages from our brand new Media Gallery! Finding adorable art featuring your favorite pets is easier than ever. 🎨

Read last week’s Release Notes to catch up on the Winter Update so far!

🐺MORE FUZZY FRIENDS - Today’s update🐺

🐏 Ram - 50,000 Gingerbread - Ultra Rare

🧊 Ice Wolf - 490 Robux - Ultra Rare

🍪 Gingerbread Sleigh

🍪 Gingerbread Bear Balloon

🍪 Gingerbread Star Propeller

🍪 Gingerbread Pogo Stick

WINTER SALE AND 2X WEEKEND (December 24th - December 27th)

Earn 2x Bucks and age your pets quicker! Fulfilling pet needs or going to your job rewards players 2x the Bucks between Saturday and Tuesday at 4PM GMT.

Robux pets and items discounted by up to 60% off!

🧊GINGERBREAD REINDEER - Door 25 Advent Calendar Pet🧊

🦏 WINTER MELTING SOON - December 29th 🦏

🦏 Wooly Rhino - 80,000 Gingerbread - Ultra Rare

🧊 Ice Plane - 75,000 Gingerbread - Legendary Vehicle

We’re already working on our first weekly updates of 2023! This year has been one of the biggest for Adopt Me updates so far, and we’re excited to keep this energy up going into the new year. We love hearing what you think about the biggest events of the year, and Winter 2022 has been WILD. 🎉

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING ADOPT ME IN 2022! Uplift Games is signing off for a much-deserved holiday break, but don’t worry – there will still be weekly updates until the end of the year and beyond! Check out NEXT UPDATE above to see what’s next on Adoption Island.

We loved your versions of the Snowball Pet and fabulous Steppe Lions! ⛄ Share your creations on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ColorAdoptMe to spread the holiday joy. 🎄

Happy coloring! 🎨 (click the thumbnail to download HD versions)











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