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Chocolate Chip Bat Dragon welcomes you to the Arctic Express!

❄️ Welcome to Arctic Express! ❄️

Happy update day! It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Adopt Me - once again, the map is covered in a light dusting of snow, the sound of ice skates fills the air, and new pets wait to be adopted! Start opening your Advent Calendar tomorrow for the 5TH YEAR in a row! 📆🎄

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Mecha Meow welcomes you to the Black Friday sale in Adopt Me!

Black Friday Sale 2023!

An Adopt Me character dressed in blue overalls with a red shirt, paired with matching red slippers. They are also wearing a knit cap with ears and a cat face printed on the front. Nearby is a large bee buzzing and wearing a pair of eyeglasses. They are smiling and enjoying eachothers' company.

Your Pets

Adopt your perfect pal - whether you’re a cat, dog, or dragon person!

Two Adopt Me characters wearing pizza restaurant outfits: one as a waiter and one as a chef. The chef has tripped, popping open the pizza box they were carrying. The pizza is flying out of the box towards the ground, while the chef looks on in shock and surprise!

New Pals

Grab a pizza with your bestie after racing around Adoption Island in your new ride!

A wooden and brick home. The home features a stone-lined doorway, as well as a open-ledge window on the 2nd floor. The home's roof is sloped and covered in bright blue shingles. At the very top of the building is a perch to sit on.

Your Home

Fancy a treehouse, an igloo, or a mansion? Decorate your pick or build with friends to feel right at home!

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