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A flustered Snowball Pet rolling down a snowy hillside while being pelted with snowballs from a Yeti.

❄ Winter Event: Week 3 Release notes! ❄

Post by byKotney

Thu, Dec 15, 2022

Happy update day, pals, whether you were naughty or nice! This December’s going by faster than Santa in his sleigh, get ready to catch him in our new minigame - the Reindeer Race! 🦌🛷

Read last week’s Release Notes to catch up on the Winter Update so far!

⏰ Winter updates every week on Thursday! Check out or click NEXT UPDATE above to see when the next update will be out!

🧊 New minigame - REINDEER RACE 🧊

Hop on your Racin’ Reindeer and race Santa through the Adoption Island skies! 🦌🛷

  • Fly through the golden rings for a speed boost.
  • Pick up Santa’s spare presents for more Gingerbread.
  • Catch Santa as fast as you can!

New pets!

🦁 Steppe Lion - 🍪 25,000 Gingerbread - Rare

⛄ Snowball Pet - 99 Robux - Ultra Rare

New Igloo house! - 2999 Bucks 🧊 - Comes with its own snowperson family and Snowy Tree Lights Christmas Tree 🥰

Decorate your houses with the new frosty furniture pack! New cribs, pet bowls, decorative snowballs, icey walls and arches, and the Snowy Tree Lights will be available all year round in the house furniture category. 🎄


We loved your versions of the Shetland Ponies and sneaky Ermines, having fun together in the snow! Let’s see how you handle the snow-forward Snowball pet ⛄ Get creative and share your finished pieces with the hashtag #ColorAdoptMe on Twitter or Instagram! **Make sure to include your Roblox username **- we'll choose 10 people from each platform to win a Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon and FR potions! 🍓🐲 We’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, December 21st!

Happy coloring! 🎨 (click the thumbnail to download HD versions)







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