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Ocean egg pets swimming around under a banner that says world ocean day.

World Oceans Day!

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Tue, Jun 08, 2021

Happy World Oceans Day, and update day!! 🐬 To celebrate, Adopt Me partnered with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to celebrate this important date, bring awareness, and help them protect the sea life.

To match the in-game Ocean Egg, we will be releasing free World Oceans Day badges, Conch Music Box, a Clam Stroller, and a pet-friendly Seaweed snack. You can claim those from TODAY until the 8th of July from the in-game charity event stand. 🐚

Alongside our donation of $50,000 USD to support three Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) projects, we have selected the fourth project for The Adopt Me Community to support, so you can be even more involved in our conservation efforts. We will be sharing more about the other projects in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on our social media for that! 🐋

The money raised in the GoFundMe campaign will be used to support WDC, along with their partner, OrcaLab, a small land-based whale research station nestled against the evergreen forest of Hanson Island off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. It is through WDC’s adopt an orca program that they are able to help fund OrcaLab’s work. The philosophies of WDC and OrcaLab are the same – that whales and dolphins can be studied without interference to their habitat or lives. OrcaLab’s non-invasive observation techniques allow their team to monitor the lives of the Northern Resident orcas in order to gather vital data which will help them learn about this incredible species and how they can be better protected.

Adopt Me Community Fundraiser for OrcaLab

About Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. WDC defends these remarkable creatures against the many threats they face such as hunting, captivity, entanglement in fishing gear, and pollution. They do this through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research, and rescue. Their vision is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

The Uplift Games team comprises many passionate individuals and WDC is close to our hearts. Having a natural affinity with our Ocean Egg, WDC seemed like a perfect choice to partner with and give back to the world and to help educate our community on the subjects of sustainability and caring for animals.

Get your World Oceans Day wallpapers here! (click for big versions) World Oceans Day A4!

World Oceans Day Mobile!

World Oceans Day Desktop!

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