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Axolotl welcomes you to the Final Stop Shop Sale!

🖼️ Wallpaper & Floor Megapack and Final Stop Shop! 🖼️

Post by byKotney

Thu, May 04, 2023

Happy update day! Put your decorator hat on, this week’s update includes 62 new wallpapers and floors for your home! 🧱 Sean’s Final Stop Shop lands on Adoption Island with discounts and last-chance sales on premium pets.

We’re expanding the collection of solid colors available for your house, and introducing new patterns including stripes, plaid, tiles, and vines/floral! All of these designs are a permanent addition to the catalog and are available both as Floors and Wallpapers. 🖼️

Final Stop Shop 👽
Sean, The Harbinger Of The Apocalypse, has come back to Adoption Island to take certain goods away to the greater Glorpentine Galaxy. Players have one last chance to adopt premium pets and purchase vehicles and Cotton Candy food stand.

Once the two-week sale ends on the 18th of May, these items will be removed from the shop.

🐼 Panda - Sale Price: 150 Robux (from 249)
🦊 Kitsune - Sale Price: 500 Robux (from price 600)
💗 Axolotl - Sale Price: 400 Robux (from 600)
👿 Cerberus - Sale Price: 400 Robux (from 500)
🐿️ Red Squirrel - Sale Price: 125 Robux (from 200)
🦚 Peacock - Sale Price: 350 Robux (from 550)
🦁Guardian Lion - Sale Price: 300 Robux (from 500)
🚃 Emperor’s Chariot - Sale Price: 150 Robux (from 250)
🏇 Royal Carriages - Sale Price: 1000 Robux (from 1499)
🏎️ Street Racer - Sale Price: 199 Robux (from 250)
☁️ Cotton Candy Stand - Sale Price: 35 Robux (from 50)

We also released several bug fixes with this week’s update!
🐛 Fixed a bug that caused window panels in the Salon to appear misaligned.
🐞 Fixed a bug that caused Salon paint to appear incorrectly when re-equipping Chef, Astronaut, and Karate Gorilla pets.

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