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Gargoyle pet welcomes you to the Adopt Me Ubran Egg update, with a cityscape background in the Nursery,

Urban Egg Release Notes!

Post by byKotney

Thu, Aug 24, 2023

Happy update day!! Today, Urban Egg replaces the Danger Egg in the Nursery. Were ending Summer with 12 new pets to adopt, all of which you can find in cities around the world! Which one of these have you met before?

The Urban egg in the Nursery Gumball machine. The Egg itself is a regular white egg with an orange traffic cone on top of it. There are paw print, heart, and Uplift Games stickers on the traffic cone.

儭 Urban Egg - 750 Bucks

COMMON - 35%
Bluebottle Fly
戌 Mongoose

儭Rock Pigeon
Tawny Frogmouth

RARE - 20%
Toy Poodle
Indian Leopard

Black Kite
Alley Cat
儭 Seagull

LEGENDARY - 4% chance
Billy Goat

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