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Pink and blue Balloon Unicorn is floating away from the Corn Doggo, who is perfectly battered and fried and covered in mustard! The Dog is trying to catch up to them, all among colorful balloons.

🎈 Summer State Fair: Balloon Pop! 🎈

Post by byKotney

Fri, Jun 28, 2024

Happy update day! Last week, we welcomed Speedy Stables and the Pony Pass to the Summer State Fair - this week, get ready to jump around and get to poppin’ in Balloon Pop! Do NOT eat this Corn Doggo and or pop the Balloon Unicorn 🌭🎈

Balloon Pop minigame 🎈
Jump on your team’s balloons and earn points! Keep a balloon poppin’ combo to earn extra points, and look out for Golden Balloons for 10 bonus points.

🌭 Corn Doggo - 125,000 Fair Tickets - Legendary

🎈 Balloon Unicorn - 1,000 Robux - Legendary

🎈 Balloon Pogostick - 1,250 Fair Tickets - Common
🚑 Chair Swing Propeller - 1,400 Fair Tickets - Uncommon
🍿 Popcorn Plush - 4,900 Fair Tickets - Rare
🐘 Elephant Stroller - 23,000 Fair Tickets - Ultra Rare
🚦 Light Spinner Throw Toy - 6,400 Fair Tickets - Ultra Rare

In-game screenshot of the Balloon Unicorn and Corn Doggo on their State Fair stands.

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