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Welcome to the Adopt Me Racetrack House Update! Cars are racing on the loops of the Racetrack House with checkered flags indicating the entry, inviting you inside for a race!

🛣️ Racetrack House Update Notes! 🛣️

Post by byKotney

Thu, Aug 10, 2023

Happy update day! Get ready to race your pals and build custom racetracks with this week’s Racetrack House update! 🛣️

This update brings a brand new expansive House and a furniture pack of racetrack parts! Will you use one of the pre-built Raceways or build the racetrack of your dreams? We hope you have the best time racing your friends in the new Go-Karts! 🏎️

🛣️ Racetrack House - 2200 Bucks

⏫ Simple Raceway - 1900 Bucks
🏎️ Skillful Raceway - 2100 Bucks
➰ Complex Raceway - 2700 Bucks

Tip: You can also use all these pieces to make your own racetrack in the Mountain and Sandbox houses!

A table containing each pieces from the new Racetrack house update: Long Starting Line 1700 Bucks
Short Starting Line 1200 Bucks
Tire Water Bowl 66 Bucks
Tire Food Bowl 66 Bucks
Tire Pile Pet Bed 152 Bucks
Racing Buggy Crib 255 Bucks
Sports Car Bed 260 Bucks
Tire Wall Shower 160	Bucks
Racecar Fridge 87 Bucks
Sports Car Sofa 160 Bucks
Engine Block Table 47 Bucks
Tire Ceiling Light 37 Bucks
Straight Section Bleachers 225 Bucks
Corner Section Bleachers 250 Bucks
Left Turn Arrow 7 Bucks
Right Turn Arrow 7 Bucks
Left Swerve Arrow 7 Bucks
Right Swerve Arrow 7 Bucks
Warning Marking 7 Bucks
Straight Arrow	 7 Bucks
Signal Arrow 7 Bucks
Signal Arrow Sign 6 Bucks
Booster Pad 88 Bucks
Wide Booster Pad 145 Bucks
Floodlight 21 Bucks
Tall Floodlight	27 Bucks
Double Floodlight 39 Bucks
Straight Fence	 13 Bucks
Inner Corner Fence 16 Bucks
Outer Corner Fence 16 Bucks
Long Tire Wall	 32 Bucks
Mid-Height Tire Wall 23 Bucks
Short Tire Wall	 18 Bucks
Tall Vertical Scaffold  44 Bucks
Mid-Height Vertical Scaffold 33 Bucks
Short Vertical Scaffold	 22 Bucks
Horizontal Long Scaffold 44 Bucks
Horizontal Mid-Height Scaffold 33 Bucks
Short Horizontal Scaffold 22 Bucks
Scaffolding Base 64 Bucks
2 Way Corner Scaffold 26 Bucks
3 Way Corner Scaffold 28 Bucks
Short Support Beam 7 Bucks
Tall Support Beam 12 Bucks
Short Angled Support Beam 8 Bucks
Tall Angled Support Beam 14	Bucks
Curve 25 Bucks
Bottom Slope 40 Bucks
Top Slope 40 Bucks
Right Bank 45 Bucks
Left Bank 45 Bucks
Long Straight 30 Bucks
Short Straight	20 Bucks
Curved Right Bank 50	Bucks
Curved Left Bank 50 Bucks

We also released several bug fixes with today’s update:
🐞 Fixed a visual bug that caused the Neon Red Squirrel’s belly to no longer be neon.
🐛 Fixed a bug where the Backpack plus teleport button would send the player to the Farm Shop instead of the new Supermarket. Whoops!
🐞 Fixed a bug that caused mobile Advanced Building Tools to rotate the screen as well as furniture pieces.
🐛 Fixed a bug that caused invisible collisions to appear and stop players from moving around the Pirate Ship House.

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