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Stunning mansion with a white porch and greenery, the Queenslander House!

🏡 Queenslander House & Furniture Pack! 🏡

Post by byKotney

Thu, Jan 11, 2024

Happy update day! We’re keeping the down-under summer vibes going with a Queenslander House and furniture pack! Perfect for any slightly terrifying critters roaming in your home. 🕷️

🏡 Queenslander House - 1650 Bucks

Decorate any home with the Queenslander feel:
🍼 Queensland Crib - 95 Bucks
🥣 Queensland Food and Water Bowl - 225 Bucks
🛌 Queensland Bed - 102 Bucks
🐇 Queensland Pet Bed - 98 Bucks
🚿 Queensland Shower - 163 Bucks
🌴 Queensland Paradise Plant - 19 Bucks
🚪 Queensland Sliding Door - 21 Bucks
🧊 Queensland Fridge - 64 Bucks
🚪 Queensland Door Frame - 13 Bucks
🌿 Queensland Rubber Tree - 27 Bucks

Personalize your space:
🧱 Queensland Wall: Inner Corner - 10 Bucks
🧱 Queensland Wall: Straight - 8 Bucks
🧱 Queensland Wall: Outer Corner - 10 Bucks

In-game list of the Queenslander furniture and their prices, listed above.

We also released several bug fixes with this week’s update:
🐛 Fixed a bug causing layered avatar clothing not to appear in the correct order.
🐞 Fixed a visual bug that caused the stripes on a neon Caterpillar’s back not to appear neon.
🐛 Fixed a visual bug causing the pink circles to clip into the Jellyfish pet’s body.
🐞 Fixed a visual bug to correct the lighting in the Ice Cream and Baby Shops.
🐛 Fixed a bug causing the Ray Gun Leash not to activate when clicking.
🐞 Added more context in the description of the Age-up potion to avoid misleading players. New description: Grants 30 tasks of experience to a pet's age.
🐞 Fixed a bug causing the Hot Cocoa hat to send the pet’s name and friendship bar into the clouds, making it basically invisible.

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