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Anteater pet welcomes you to the Jungle & Supermarket update in Adopt Me!

QoL changes, Jungle theme, New Supermarket Update Notes!

Post by byKotney

Thu, Aug 03, 2023

Happy update day! This week, we’re bringing back the Supermarket! Three new Jungle-themed pets are up for adoption! And a huge number of Quality of Life changes based on our community’s feedback! 🥰

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us - if you want to see something that isn’t on that list, tag us on social media, @ PlayAdoptMe! 🤠


  • Increased the daily Bucks cap to 200 (from 150) & implemented an additional 200 rollover budget (for needs spawned in one in-game day, and completed the next day).

  • Only family members can pick up babies/ride on adults’ shoulders.

  • Friends have the same permissions as family members (picking up babies/riding on adults’ shoulders, access to vehicles). This can be toggled off in the settings.

  • Players are no longer able to block the entrance to houses with vehicles or furniture:

  1. Toy furniture is much more difficult to place in front of doors and can no be longer placed on empty plots.
  2. Players and vehicles get teleported out of the way or unequipped when a new house spawns on a plot.
  • It’s no longer required to have the Salon or Pizza shop roles to use the hairspray on your own pet or make a pizza.
  • Job roles are removed automatically when leaving one of those buildings.
  • New job roles: Doctor and Nurse at the Hospital, and Teacher and Principal at the School! These roles can pick up other people’s pets and babies in their buildings.
  • Unlimited ingredients in Pizza Shop bowls! You can still refill them, but that action won’t be necessary to make pizzas.
  • Pizza Ingredients have been moved to the Food category in the backpack, and disappear when a player leaves the game.
  • We’ve removed the Feedback interaction from the Salon and Pizza shop. Thank you for your thoughts!
  • Raw Pizza dough can be eaten now! Yummy. (Don't try this at home!)
  • Water Coolers in the Hospital now give out water.
  • Party Invites from players with disabled chats will now have an automated message.

Housing Quality of Life changes

  • Added an advanced color picker to furniture pieces & updated the color picker visuals for all color picker windows.
  • Added multi-furniture coloring. This needs to be turned on in the settings window.
  • After selecting furniture, the browser will return back to the previously opened category.
  • Reorganized the Stuff categories to be more intuitive and descriptive.
  • The search bar will now remember what was previously typed into it.
  • Added an option to Delete All Furniture.
  • Added an Undo button. This is not available when building with friends.
  • Added a clone selected button - this buys the selected furniture and replicates the position, color, etc.
  • Added the ability to Enable/Disable “Build With Friends” from the Bench Interact menu.
  • “Build With Friends” is off when first added to a house and automatically turns on when players add a builder.
  • Fixed a bug that caused random furniture to appear when searching for something specific.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong furniture to be sold when a player accidentally clicks on it while deleting other pieces.
  • We’re aware of a bug that causes the text to appear really small in the Stuff category search bar - it’s been reported to Roblox as a bug.

Jungle theme! 🌴
Wasn’t playing Adopt Me when the Jungle Egg was around? We’re bringing the theme back with 3 new pets!

🦚 Bird of Paradise - 1300 Bucks - Rare
🦦 Fossa - 500 Bucks - Uncommon
🐜 Giant Anteater - 100 Robux - Rare

Supermarket 🍎
The Supermarket is back! From now on, you can get all your groceries in one place. They even have fresh donuts!
Shh! You can still access the Farm Shop and Ladybugs through a secret door in the Supermarket.

🛒 Shopping Cart Stroller - 200 Bucks - Common

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