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A Monkey wearing a fez hat with tambourines standing in front of the monkey fairgrounds.

🎪 Monkey Fairground Update Notes 🎪

Post by byKotney

Thu, May 28, 2020

Happy update day, everyone!! It's the Monkey Fairground Update! 🎪 🙉 Thank you all for being patient while we figure out our new Update schedule — I’m sure you’ll all agree that this was worth the wait, and we’re so excited to bring you an update that got as much time, love, and attention as it needed! 🥰

The Monkey Fairground is the first ever update that will come back into the game in the future — see it as a travelling fairground, that will come back to Adoption Island after making its way around the world!! 🌎

The Update Notes contain a lot of very specific information, so if you’d like to experience the update in game first, don’t read the rest of this post! 👀

For the more eagle-eyed players who want to know it ALL, here’s everything you need to know about the Monkey Fairground Update:

  • Monkey Fairground tent is located in the centre of the map, next to the Pet Shop!
  • There are 6 New Monkey pets available to adopt from the Monkey boxes!
  • When opening a Monkey Box (Bucks) you are guaranteed to receive a Monkey and two items. Those could be Ingredient items (used to transform Monkeys), or special Fairground themed items, like cars or toys!
  • When opening a Premium Monkey Box (Robux) you have a chance to receive the special Albino Monkey in place of regular Monkey, and the Staff Ingredient you can use to transform your Monkey into Monkey King. They also have higher chances for the more rare Monkey Ingredients!
  • You need 3 of the same Monkey Ingredient and a Monkey to transform it into Ninja, Toy, Business, or King Monkeys by talking to the Monkey NPCs inside the Fairground tent.
  • All items are tradeable — if you’re struggling to get a specific Ingredient, find a friend who has it, and maybe you can help each other!!
  • In addition to their model clothing, all transformed Monkeys come with their own pet accessory (two for Ninja Monkey), which can be taken off them and used on another pet. Those accessories are: Fez, Head Tie, Kitsune Mask, Ninja Headband, and Monkey King Crown. **Be careful when trading them! Pet Accessories are never traded equipped on the pets. If you’re trading for a Monkey and want the accessories that come with them, make sure the accessories are put in the trading window individually. **
  • New Fairground themed items — including the Clown Car, Monkey Pogo Stick, and much more!

We hope you visit the Monkey Fairground while it’s in town — it might be a while before it returns! 🙊

Happy update day, and we hope everyone is staying safe ❤️

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