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The Legendary Volcanic Rhino pictured against the backdrop of the Fire Dimension

šŸ”„ Lure in a Fiery Friend! šŸ”„

Post by Jesse Raen

Thu, Feb 29, 2024

Happy update day! This week is the second and final week of this new two-week Fire Dimension event, and as a bonus you can adopt a new frog.

You've got one more week to craft the Burnt Bites Baits and stock up on Baked Alaska Baits to give you the best chance of getting the four new fire pets!

šŸ¦… Ultra-Rare Wildfire Hawk
šŸ¦Š Ultra-Rare Flaming Fox
šŸ° Ultra-Rare Burning Bunny
šŸ¦ Legendary Volcanic Rhino

If you're looking for something new, don't worry! Today is a Leap Day, so we've had some fun and for one week only our Leap Frog can be bought from the main map by the Nursery!

The šŸø Ornate Horned Frog šŸø is a new Ultra-Rare pet that you can get for 1,500 Bucks! It's available to buy until March 7th.

Both of the new Fire Dimension baits can only be collected for the next week while the Fire Dimension is open! Once the portal closes, you'll be limited to however many you had left in your backpack unless you trade with other players!

The Campfire Cookies are unaffected by this event. You will still have an infinite amount at your lure, and they continue to give the same rewards as usual.

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