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The Mahi Mahi & Nautilus in the process of being fished by the new Pirate Captain!

šŸŸ Let's Go To The Beach! šŸŸ

Post by Jesse Raen

Thu, Mar 07, 2024

Happy update day! Adoption Island has changed, the Pool Party is gone and in its place is a beach with brand new pets to adopt! šŸŒžšŸš¢

When you're done taking in the sun, and ready to leave the sand behind, you can make your way across the waves to a new beached pirate ship. Head inside to meet the new Captain, and get access to a new Common Airboat for 2,500 Bucks and see all the new pets!

With this update you can go fishing with the new Mahi Spinning Rod! For 600 Bucks you can cast your line and hook one of three new Mahi Mahi pets!

šŸŸUncommon Mahi Mahi - 78%
šŸ„‡Ultra-Rare Gold Mahi Mahi - 20%
šŸ’ŽLegendary Diamond Mahi Mahi - 2%

You can also adopt the new Ultra-Rare šŸš Nautilus šŸš for 249 Robux!

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