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Chipmunk and Raccoon welcome you to today's Adopt Me weekly update!

🦝 Jetpack, Raccoon, Chipmunk update! 🦝

Post by byKotney

Thu, Sep 07, 2023

Happy update day! We’re coming to you during a heatwave to race into the skies on the brand-new vehicle type, the Jetpack! New Raccoon and Chipmunk pets are available to adopt following the release of the Urban Egg! 🦝

🦝 Raccoon - 600 Bucks - Uncommon
🐿️ Chipmunk - 1300 Bucks - Rare

🎒 Super Jetpack vehicle - 800 Robux - Ultra rare

Baby Shop had a glow-up! We’re updating some of the textures and wallpapers in the Baby Shop. Time for a day out with your Dolls! 🍼

An ominous countdown appears in the playground…. something big is coming…

We also released a bug fix with today’s release:
🐛 Fixed a bug with the Neon signs which caused them to be pink and not colorable.

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