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The new explorer Hamster, Niles, welcomes you into a revamped Pet Shop while hamsters play in the background!

šŸ¹ It's Hamster Time! šŸ¹

Post by Jesse Raen

Thu, Mar 14, 2024

Happy update day! Inside the Pet Shop you can meet Niles. They'll sell you the Hamster's favorite food šŸŒ½ Golden Corn šŸŒ½ Throw it on the ground to adopt one of three new Hamsters!

šŸ¹ Ultra-Rare Hamster - 87.50% chance
šŸ„‡ Legendary Golden Hamster - 10.00% chance
šŸ’Ž Legendary Diamond Hamster - 2.50% chance

This update also brings new ways to display your pets, with three new sets of display stands in the furniture catalog!

šŸŒ‹ Volcanic Display Stands
šŸ§Š Glacial Display Stands
šŸ‘‘ Royal Display Stands

We increased the limit of Display Stands in your home from 20 to 30! Show more of your pets and items in your home āœØ

šŸ› We fixed a bug that caused pets to sit too high in the Bat Wing Crib.

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