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A powerful Wizard Tim holding a glowing Ingredient, dressed up in an all-purple, stylish wizarding outfit. His moustache is very well kept.

🔥 Into The Fire Dimension! 🔥

Post by byKotney

Sat, Sep 09, 2023

Happy update day! Unknown animals are escaping the Sky Castle after its fall right on the island. Where will this swirling portal take you? Who will we meet on the other side of it? What kinds of creatures will we meet? 🔥

Upon entering the Sky Castle, you will see a portal to another dimension, guarded by Tims. On the other side, there will be Tim. He’ll help you get the correct ingredients in order to cook up Baits. 🍪

Each in-game day, the ingredients for the Campfire Cookies will vary. The recipe will be made up of up to 4 of each of the ingredients: Sparkling Blaze Berry, Pyro Pear, and Magma Mango. 🥭

After using the Campfire Cookies inside of the Fire Dimension, an Ash Zebra will bring your reward:
💲 30 Bucks - 70%
🍈 Molten Melon - 25%
🎓 Toy/Pet wear - 5%

In a secluded part of the magma-filled caves, a Tim will teach you an ancient recipe - how to turn 6 Molten Melons into Flaming Zebra Bait.

  • 5th Campfire Cookie used guarantees an Ash Zebra Bait drop. You’re unsure what to do with it, or the Flaming Zebra Bait, for now.
  • You can continue to pick up Ingredients and cook up Campfire Cookies every in-game day (the day/night cycle lasts 10 minutes), until the event ends on the 14th of September.
  • Ash Zebra Bait and Flaming Zebra Bait are event-exclusive, and won’t be obtainable after the 14th of September. Craft as many as possible while you can!
  • Any leftover Campfire Cookies will not be usable after the event ends, so don’t keep them in your Backpacks until it’s too late!
  • Molten Melon is the only Ingredient tradeable. Ash Zebra and Flaming Zebra Baits become tradeable from the 14th of September.

Pet wear and toys available during this event ONLY as drop rewards for the Campfire Cookie:
🌋Volcano Hat
🏉 Magma Throwing Disc
🎈 Flame Balloon

More information coming on September 14th… 🔎

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