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The Dog, Kitsune, Shadow Dragon, and Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon welcome you to the House Trading update in Adopt Me! Each pet is resting on a different kind of house: the Queensland Mansion, Spooky Halloween House, and Apartment Blocks!

🏑 House Trading! 🏑

Post by byKotney

Fri, May 31, 2024

Happy update day! This week, introducing House Trading to Adopt Me - set your house For Trade and share your interior decorating with the server! 🏑

Use code: 2xROSS for 4hrs of 2x Bucks & Aging in Adopt Me! until 8PDT/11EDT/16BST Mon 3rd June! Speak to Agent Ruhi in the Safety Hub building βš–οΈ

How to Trade Houses?
To trade your house away, approach the mailbox in front of your house and select the Trade House option. A FOR TRADE sign will appear in front of your house. πŸ”΄

To buy a house you see on your server, interact with the FOR TRADE sign to tour the house and view the furniture and expansions inside of it.

After the tour, the player can send a trade request inside the house and if accepted, the trading window will appear.

When traded, all furniture moves with the house, allowing you to share your decorating style with other people! Selling furniture from a traded house will not reward the player any Bucks.

Note: You MUST own more than one house to put your current house up for trade.

Have more questions about this update? Read our FAQ!

Today, the Vault in the Pet Shop has opened for all players!

  • Trade with Moss for 1 Neon Garden Snake.
  • Trade with Ross for 6 Mole pets.

🐞 Golden Tortoise Beetle - Legendary

We also released several bug fixes and improvements with this week’s update:
🐞 Fixed a bug that allowed non-VIP players to interact with the VIP balcony chairs, causing them to get stuck.
πŸ› Fixed a visual bug where the scroll bars in the backpack were not the Player’s favorite color.
🐞 Fixed a bug that caused Xbox users not to be able to input codes into the Redemption Kiosk in the Safety Hub. 🐝 Unequipping a pet or interacting with Shane NPC multiple times when teaching your pet a trick will bring up a Skip button.

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