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Candyfloss Chick welcomes you to the Easter update in Adopt Me! With an adorable, swirly fringe, the pink Candyfloss Chick is surrounded by the new Eggy pets, the eggs with legs!

Hop into Easter!

Post by byKotney

Thu, Mar 21, 2024

Happy update day! Take a deep breath in and enjoy the spring vibes on day one of our two-week Easter event! Catch eggs in Sunny Scramble and adopt your own Eggy with leggys now 儭

儭 Sunny Scramble minigame 儭
Cannons are shooting out lots and lots of Eggs, so catch them in your basket before they smash to the ground, or collect their shells before they disappear!

h Green eggs are worth 1 point!
蛤 Blue Eggs are worth 2 points!
♀ Yellow Eggs are worth 3 points!

Each day you can earn 9,000 extra Eggs just by collecting 60 Eggs of each color and claiming your prizes in the Taskboard!

朴 Easter Eggy Box - Legendary - 14,000 Eggs

湄otted Eggy - Rare - 70% chance
Floral Eggy - Ultra Rare - 25% chance
Striped Eggy - Legendary - 5% chance

Candyfloss Chick - Legendary - 600 Robux

Flower Hair - Ultra Rare - 4,700 Eggs
Easter Egg Friends - Rare - 2,200 Eggs
Flower Bunny Clip - Common - 500 Eggs
Carrot Bushel - Common - 350 Eggs
Easter Chick Rattle - Rare - 3,200 Eggs
Carrot Lamb Plush - Uncommon - 1,700 Eggs

Screenshot from Adopt Me, showcasing the Dotted, Floral and Striped Eggys beside the Candyfloss Chick. They are surrounded by sweet, green and pink trees.

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