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The new Caelum Cervi pet (a deer with wings) sports a progressive LGBTQ+ flag pin in front of a backdrop of the Pride stand filled with new in-game items

Happy Pride Month!

Post by Jesse Raen

Thu, Jun 01, 2023

Happy update day! We're celebrating Pride Month in Adopt Me for the next two weeks with a brand new stand, starting TODAY! 🥰

On the stand you'll find:
Sixteen new 2023 Pride flags🏳‍🌈
Rainbow Popsicle Friend 🌈
Rainbow Cake Chew Toy🍰
Pride Wand Rattle🧙‍♀️
Pride Paw Flying Disc🐾
Pride Balloons🎈
all for 50 Bucks each!

Beside those you'll find our new winged deer pet, the Caelum Cervi for 650 Robux! 🦌

We've also released several bugfixes in the last two weeks:
🐎Switching a pet out while they're drinking a Ride or Fly potion will no longer remove the potion from your inventory
🎀Ribbon Seal's front feet no longer flip when held
💰A pop-up will now warn players when a stand's price changes during purchase
👀Reindeer leash no longer makes models appear in the distance
🌙Crescent Moon Car was adjusted so it fits in the tunnel between the Neighborhood and Adoption Island
🎨Pets with sealed salon paint or wearing pet accessories now display correctly on Display Stands
🤯Stool tops will no longer fall off in the School

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