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All Halloween 2022 pets running forward.

Halloween Event and log-in streak timer update🎃

Post by Statter

Tue, Nov 02, 2021

Hey, Adopt Me Community!

We want to thank you for your patience in waiting for us to come back online fully and to congratulate you for surviving the Roblox Outage this week! As you may be aware, we removed the login timer as soon as possible so that you didn’t lose your streak.

This protection will be ending soon, so if you haven't logged into Adopt Me since the weekend you should log in today or risk losing your streak!

A few thousand people were quick enough to log in before we were able to remove the timer and lost their streak. Don't worry! We've updated again to automatically restore all those streaks. Nobody should have lost their daily login streak because of Roblox being down at the weekend.

We know that it was tough not to play your favorite games this weekend and even more so to miss the launch weekend of the Adopt Me Halloween event.

The Halloween event will still end on November 18th BUT we know you missed out on candy at the weekend so we'll be increasing the amount of candy you'll get from each minigame for the rest of the event. This means that even with the lost time you should be able to get plenty of the new pets before Halloween ends!

Thanks again, and we hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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