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Gift Refresh Update!

Post by byKotney

Thu, Mar 18, 2021

Happy update day!!! Can you believe this is the second update this week? It’s time for the Gift Refresh update! 🎁✨

The Gift stand was left alone for a little while, but it’s time to make space for the new goodies!! 🚕

We’re also planning to make the Gift Refresh updates more regular to keep the prizes fresh - we're always looking at your item requests on social media, so keep 'em coming! 😍

Here’s everything you need to know about the Gift Refresh update:

  • 19 NEW items including toys, strollers, grappling hooks!
  • 4 NEW Legendary vehicles! One vehicle will be in the Gift Rotation at the time, so check the display every week to see which vehicles are available!
  • New gift prizes will be available in all the gifts from the update release - If you buy a Gift before the update is live, and open it after the update goes live, the Gift will have the new items in it 😊

What's Inside?

Happy gift opening, and good luck!! 🤞🏽

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