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Adopt Me Dog, Cactus Friend, Kitsune, Shadow Dragon, and the Rainbow Dragon welcome you to the Garden Hop egg event in Adopt Me!

Garden Hop Obby Egg Event!

Post by byKotney

Fri, May 17, 2024

Happy update day! This week, were heading to the refreshed Obby building to chase some pesky Garden Egg pets. Complete stages and catch up to the upcoming pets to collect Keys and adopt a Garden Snake early!

Garden Hop Obby Event 儭

  • Each day leading up to the release of the Garden Egg (May 24), increasingly difficult Obby stages will be revealed, along with a first look at one of the Garden pets.
  • Completing each stage rewards the player with an Age-Up Potion and a Key.
  • Collect Sundrops on your way through the Obby stages to unlock a Common Garden Snake pet early!
  • Interact with the Sunflower and redeem your pet for 5,000 Sundrops.
  • After collecting all 8 Keys, players can open the Vault and meet new characters inside.
  • Enter the Vault to adopt an Uncommon Mole, as a reward for collecting all 8 Keys!
  • The Vault will be opened for all players a week later, May 31st.

Obby Stages Sundrop Rewards
Players can find 10 Sundrops total on each stage. Picked-up Sundrops are worth more, depending on which stage you are on:

Stage 1: 10 Sundrops
Stage 2: 10 Sundrops x 2 = 20 Sundrops
Stage 3: 10 Sundrops x 4 = 40 Sundrops
Stage 4: 10 Sundrops x 8 = 80 Sundrops
Stage 5: 10 Sundrops x 16 = 160 Sundrops
Stage 6: 10 Sundrops x 32 = 320 Sundrops
Stage 7: 10 Sundrops x 64 = 640 Sundrops
Stage 8: 10 Sundrops x 128 = 1,280 Sundrops

After claiming the Common Garden Snake, players can redeem Age-Up Potions for 12,000 Sundrops. 儭

Garden Egg and 8 new pets will be released next Friday, May 24th!

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