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African Wild Dog welcomes you to the Safari and Friendship Bar update in Adopt Me! Above it's head there is a Friendship bar, showing level 2452. There is a sign in the background announcing the Safari Theme.

Friendship Bar & Safari Theme Update Notes!

Post by byKotney

Thu, Jul 13, 2023

Happy update day! For the first time in FOUR years, Safari pets are coming to Adoption Island! We’re introducing a new feature, the Friendship Bar! New UGC reward pet lands in the Accessory Shop! 🥰

New theme areas 🏜️
You’re always asking us to bring back old eggs, and while that may never happen, we’re really excited to revisit some of the classic themes! We hope this brings some nostalgia to the players who have been with us for a while and takes the rest of the community on a trip through memory lane!

🐽 Warthog - 600 Bucks - Uncommon
🦚 Ostrich - 1300 Bucks - Rare
🦁 Lion Cub - 150 Robux - Ultra-Rare

We’ve also added a new pet to the Accessory shop! You can claim this pet as a reward for purchasing 5 UGC items in our Roblox avatar store.

🐕 African Wild Dog - Ultra-Rare

Friendship Bar 💕
Do you want to level up your newly adopted pals, but worry about spending too much time away from your favorite pet? From now on, completing needs with a fully-aged pet will trigger the Friendship Bar to appear above their head.

  • Filling out an entire level will reward the player with an Age-up Potion - this is a non-tradeable item that can be used on any of your pets to quickly age them up.
  • The potion can’t be used on Eggs or fully-aged pets.
  • Your pet’s Friendship Bar will continue to fill up and display friendship levels without a limit, and disappear when that pet is traded.
  • The levels will not come back when the pet is traded back to the owner, so be careful not to lose your progress!
  • When making a neon or mega neon pet, the Friendship Levels of all pets used will combine. (Only the full levels - if your base pets were halfway through a level, this progress will be lost.)
  • All levels, regardless of pet rarity, take 30 pet needs completed to level up. All Age-up potions hold the same amount of experience.

Code Redemption Kiosk 🕴🏽
As some of our more eagle-eyed players might have noticed, we added a Code Redemption Kiosk to the Trading Hub building. This is where you will be able to redeem special promotion codes for in-game rewards. There are no codes available at the moment. When available, the codes will be accessible online, for free - if anyone is offering you codes for payment, do not trust them! 🤠

Bought an Adopt Me toy? Redeem your code at

🐞 In this release, we fixed a visual bug displaying a gap in the Piranha pet’s jaw.

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