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Adopt Me Thumbnail that reads: Fossil Isle Is Back! A dynamic photo of the new Dinosaurs: the Dimorphodon, an orange and blue dino with a beak flying at the camera with the green Brachiosaurus, red Velociraptor, smiling blue Ankylosaurus, and green Elasmosaurus all surrounding them.

🦕 Fossil Isle Returns! 🦕

Post by byKotney

Fri, Apr 26, 2024

Happy update day! Rachel and Henry have returned to Adoption Island and developed the Fossil Isle Mine - dig up fossils and ore, upgrade your pickaxe, and adopt 5 new species of dinosaurs! 🔨

Fossil Isle Mine 🦴

  • Clear out all 12 rows of the dig site to get as many new fossils as you can!
  • All plain blocks can contain Fossils, not just the ones with visible bone fragments! Don’t leave any samples behind!
  • To break through all 3 layers: Dirt, Stone and Granite, you’ll need to upgrade your pickaxe using the ore you find in the ground!
  • Copper Pickaxe can be upgraded to Iron Pickaxe with 10 Ore.
  • Iron Pickaxe can be upgraded to Diamond Pickaxe with 20 Diamonds.
  • Once you collect 20 fossils of one species, you’ll be able to add them to the Fossil Sequencer 7000 along with Bucks to create your new pet!
  • Each pet cloned requires 20 new Fossil fragments.
  • Fossil Bundles with 5x of the same Fossil can be bought from the stands on Fossil Isle.
  • Fossil Isle Mine resets every 24 hours - this includes your Pickaxe.

🦕 Brachiosaurus - Common - 25 Bucks creation cost
🦖Velociraptor - Uncommon - 100 Bucks creation cost
🌿 Ankylosaurus - Rare - 400 Bucks creation cost
🐉 Elasmosaurus - Ultra-Rare - 1,200 Bucks creation cost
🐲 Dimorphodon - Legendary - 3,600 Bucks creation cost

Dimorphodon can also be purchased outright for 1000 Robux.

🦴 x5 Brachiosaurus Fossils Bundle - 60 Bucks
🦴 x5 Velociraptor Fossils Bundle - 185 Bucks
🦴 x5 Ankylosaurus Fossils Bundle - 360 Bucks
🦴 x5 Elasmosaurus Fossils Bundle - 625 Bucks
🦴 x5 Dimorphodon Fossils Bundle - 250 Robux

Rush Pet Creation Cost - 45 Robux

Fossil Isle will be in-game until May 10th. For one week after that, The Fossil Sequencer 7000 will move to the main map on Adoption Island, to allow players to trade for their last Fossils and use them up.

💟 Fossil Sticker Pack - 250 Bucks

Common - 40%
Uncommon - 25%
Rare - 17%
Ultra-Rare - 14%
Legendary - 4%

Screenshot of the in-game Stickers table showing all stickers added with the Fossil Isle Mine, listed below.

Brachiosaurus Sticker - Common
Tasmanian Tiger Sticker - Common
Ground Sloth Sticker - Common
T-Rex Rattle Sticker - Common
T-Rex Throw Toy Sticker - Common
Stegosaurus Throw Toy - Common
Long Neck Throw Toy - Common
Copper Pickaxe Sticker - Common
Iron Pickaxe Sticker - Uncommon
Triceratops Sticker - Uncommon
Velociraptor Sticker - Uncommon
Stegosaurus Sticker - Uncommon
Glyptodon Sticker - Uncommon
Amber Bone Sticker - Uncommon
Woolly Mammoth Sticker - Rare
Dilophosaurus Sticker - Rare
Pterodactyl Sticker - Rare
Diamond Pickaxe Sticker - Rare
Sabertooth Sticker - Ultra-Rare
Deinonychus Sticker - Ultra-Rare
Dodo Sticker - Legendary
T-Rex Sticker - Legendary
Ankylosaurus Sticker - Rare
Elasmosaurus Sticker - Ultra-Rare
Dimorphodon Sticker - Legendary

🎨 Fossil Isle Coloring Pages! 🎨

We want to see YOUR versions of the newest dinos! Change up their colors, make their teeth less or more scary, or whatever your heart desires! Then share your finished pieces in the #Color-Adopt-Me channel in our Discord server for a chance to win a Dimorphodon and FR potions 🐉✨

Note: You MUST be Level 5 to send photos in our Discord server - this is to protect your fellow members of our community. Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, May 1st, and announced within the server. 🤠

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