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Candy Cane Snail welcomes you to the second week of Easter updates in Adopt Me! Subtext reads: "Candy Cane Snails and Trade Stands!"

Egg Hunt & Trading Stand!

Post by byKotney

Thu, Mar 28, 2024

Happy update day! In the second week of our Easter event, its time to bring an old favorite - the Egg Hunt minigame! Introducing a brand new trading feature: Trading Stand!

Egg Hunt minigame
Search for Eggs hidden around Adoption Island! There are 6 Eggs hiding each in-game day, and finding them grants the player 200 Egg currency each.

We added new items to the Easter Egg shop! Spend your Egg currency before next Friday, April 5th, when new pals visit Adoption Island

Candy Cane Snail - 50,000 Eggs - Ultra Rare
Meadow Barrow Stroller - 5,400 Eggs - Uncommon
Cupcake Sprinkle Wings - 35,000 Eggs - Ultra Rare

New feature: Trading Stand
Placing a Trading Stand in Adopt Me allows you to display the pet or item you want to trade away - that way anyone looking for that pet can request to trade with you, wherever you are on the map!

Finding someone who wants to trade your dream pet has never been easier - request to trade through the Trading Stand, and make your offer in the trading window as usual!

Classic Trading Stand - 95 Robux - Ultra Rare

Screenshot of the Trading Stand in Adopt Me, showing the FR Candycane Snail on byKotney's Classic Trade Stand.

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