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A panicked dog in a Prehistoric Car drives away from the new Expandable Dino Home

💰 Double Bucks & Aging! 🏡 Expandable Dino house!

Post by Jesse Raen

Fri, May 03, 2024

Happy update day! To celebrate the overwhelming success of the Fossil isle update, and to help you make even more Dino's, we're kicking this update off with a HUGE 2x Weekend. All players will get Double Bucks & Aging from now until our usual update time on Monday.

That's not all! This week we're adding the new Fossil Isle Returns Bundle to Adopt Me for 800 Robux!

Picking this bundle up gets you a new Legendary Prehistoric Car as well as the base home of the Expandable Dino House. This prehistoric throwback of a home can be upgraded with up to four extensions, giving you enough room to swing a saber-toothed tiger!

  • Side Extension for 600 Bucks
  • Pool Extension for 700 Bucks
  • Second Floor for 800 Bucks
  • Sunken Basement for 500 Bucks

You've got one week left to enjoy digging fossils in the mine, and the sequencer will stay available on the main map for one week after the event ends to give you some extra time to finish making your new Dinosaur friends!

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