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Doctor Doll, Wooden Doll, and Construction Doll welcome you to the Adopt a Doll update! They are wearing a stethoscope, denim dungarees, and a high-vis jacket & hard hat, respectively.

🎎 Dolls Release Notes! 🎎

Post by byKotney

Thu, Jul 27, 2023

Happy update day! This is a great day for those who like to play with babies, but more importantly, DOLLS! We’re in bringing a brand new type of friend to adopt - just unwrap your very own Wrapped Doll to see what’s inside! πŸ₯°

🎁 Wrapped Doll - 900 Bucks - Legendary

When opening your Wrapped Doll, you have 33% chance to unwrap one of these three Uncommon dolls:

πŸ”§ Construction Doll - Dylan
🩺 Doctor Doll - River
πŸ€₯ Wooden Doll - Pinocchio

  • Each doll comes with its own name and set outfit.
  • Dolls cannot be made into neons.
  • Dolls cannot be fed flying/riding/Age-up potions.
  • Dolls are tradeable!
  • Once fully grown, you can continue to spend time with your Dolls to grow their Friendship level and earn Age-up potions, just like pets.

We hope you have a great time with your new pals 🀠 Let us know what you think about this feature on our social media channels, links below!

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