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Glacier Kitsune welcomes you to the Cocoa Chaos winter update in Adopt Me!

☕Cocoa Chaos & Winter Sale! ☕

Post by byKotney

Thu, Dec 21, 2023

Happy update day, and happy holidays! This week, the Winter sale begins! Deliver hot cocoa in Cocoa Chaos, the new minigame! Fly a Gingerbread Stunt Plane and meet Santa in the sky, and remember to open the final door of the Advent Calendar on the 25th 🗓️🐁

Cocoa Chaos minigame
After getting to Adoption Island, the new winter pets need a treat! Deliver hot cocoa to the correct pets as quickly as you can to earn the most amount of Gingerbread. Watch out for the rogue Snowballs! They’ll try their best to knock you off your feet, wasting precious time ☃️

Want a front-row seat to any action happening on Adoption Island? Place the new Santa Throne anywhere and get ready to people-watch with your pet 🐶

🎅🏽 Santa Throne - 25,000 Gingerbread - Legendary

🍪 Gingerbread Stunt Plane - 37,000 Gingerbread - Rare

🦭 Harp Seal - 10,000 - Uncommon
🧊 Glacier Kitsune - 600 Robux - Legendary

🐁 Gingerbread Mouse - Advent Calendar Day 25 Reward - Ultra Rare
You can only get this pet on the 25th of December, don’t miss out!

You can find massive discounts in the Shop and Pet Shop on Robux items including pets, houses, vehicles, and so much more! The sale lasts until next Thursday, December 28th 🤠

Along with discounts, you can bundle any Bucks purchase with an extra item, maximizing the value: 🎁 200 Bucks + Pet Wear Standard Chest (105 Bucks value)
🥚 600 Bucks + Cracked Egg (350 Bucks value)
🥚 1,400 Bucks + Pet Egg (600 Bucks value)
🥚 3,000 Bucks + Royal Egg (1,450 Bucks value)
🥚 10,000 Bucks + 3x Urban Eggs, 2x Royal Eggs (5,150 Bucks value)

Celebrate the final weeks of the Adopt Me winter festival with the Glacier Kitsune and Harp Seal! 🧊🧊👶🏼

Share your finished pieces in the #Color-Adopt-Me channel in our Discord server for a chance to win a Glacier Kitsune or Chocolate Chip Bat Dragon and FR potions 🧊 🍪

Note: You MUST be Level 5 to send photos in our Discord server - this is to protect your fellow members of our community. Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, January 3rd, and announced within the server. 🍪







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