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Aviator Kiwi welcomes you to the Toyshop house update in Adopt Me! With an aviator hat and a red scarf, this Kiwi is adoptable today!

✈️ Aviator Kiwi Update Notes! ✈️

Post by byKotney

Thu, Sep 21, 2023

Happy update day! This week, we’re showing off one of our very own Adopt Me toys - the Aviator Kiwi plush! Adopt them in-game and IRL thanks to our toy partner, Jazwares 🧸

Check out the Adopt Me x Jazwares toy line with your favorite pets like the Neon Unicorn, Bat Dragon, and Dodo!

🥝🦃 Kiwi pet - 1,200 Bucks - Rare

🧣 Red Scarf - 150 Bucks - Uncommon

Why stop at toys? If you want to live in a Toyshop House, you can! It’s being added with this update, along with the Toyshop furniture pack. 🪁

🏡 Toyshop House - 500 Robux

⛵ Ship Swing Bed - 480 Bucks
🚿 Sky Swing Shower - 325 Bucks
🎈 Air Balloon Crib - 580 Bucks
✈️ Toy Airplane Fridge - 215 Bucks
🐎 Rocking Horse Pet Bed - 475 Bucks
🎁 Jack-in-the-Box Food Bowl - 410 Bucks
🎁 Jack-in-the-Box Water Bowl - 410 Bucks

Gallery of new furniture items available in Adopt Me, listed above.

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