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Dog and Rodeo Bull are racing the Bald Eagle - is the Bald Eagle in flight faster than those pets in the Summer Spectacle Truck?!

πŸ¦… Summer State Fair: July 4th! πŸ¦…

Post by byKotney

Fri, Jul 05, 2024

Happy update day! This week in Adopt Me’s Summer State Fair, it’s the 4th of July edition - welcoming the Bald Eagle and Rodeo Bull pets, along with a Summer Sticker pack. How fast can you drive in the Summer Spectacle?? πŸ¦…

πŸ‚ Rodeo Bull - 10,000 - Fair Tickets - Uncommon
πŸ¦… Bald Eagle - 490 Robux - Ultra Rare

πŸš’ Summer Spectacle - 95,000 Fair Tickets - Legendary - Vehicle

Summer Sticker Pack!
Open the State Fair Sticker pack to receive 10 stickers with pets from this and previous Summer events 🌞

πŸ’Ÿ State Fair Sticker Pack - 1,000 Fair Tickets - Uncommon

Common - 40%
Uncommon - 25%
Rare - 17%
Ultra-Rare - 14%
Legendary - 4%

Table of all Summer Stickers listed below.

Show Pony Sticker - Common
Kid Goat Sticker - Common
Leopard Shark Sticker - Common
Arctic Tern Sticker - Common
Hermit Crab Sticker - Common
Flying Fish Sticker - Common
Punk Pony Sticker - Uncommon
Rodeo Bull Sticker - Uncommon
Castle Hermit Crab Sticker - Uncommon
Lobster Sticker - Uncommon
Many Mackerel Sticker - Uncommon
Pretty Pony Sticker - Rare
Cow Calf Sticker - Rare
Orange Betta Fish Sticker - Rare
Happy Clam Sticker - Rare
Mini Pig Sticker - Rare
Ice Cream Hermit Crab Sticker - Rare
Pink Betta Fish Sticker - Ultra Rare
Tortuga de la Isla Sticker - Ultra Rare
Pirate Hermit Crab Sticker - Ultra Rare
Shark Puppy Sticker - Ultra Rare
Corn Doggo Sticker - Ultra Rare
Hot Doggo Sticker - Ultra Rare
Majestic Pony Sticker - Legendary
Blue Betta Fish Sticker - Legendary
Balloon Unicorn Sticker - Legendary
Leviathan Sticker - Legendary

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